Apophysis Z+

a Custom Apophysis version made by Gygrazok

based on Apophysis 2.06b

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Updated 03/07/2007:
Apophysis 2.06b z+ released. This will most likely be the last z+ version I'll release. I don't have much time to spend on it, so I'll probably release only plugins. Anyway, this version should include all the 2.06 features plus some extra things:
1) New variable for split: split_shift, it has relevant effects when set between 0 and 1, but it accepts also higher/lower values
2) Added "hide transform" option in the transform tab in the editor windows, if selected it will hide the current triangle in the editor, it can be useful if you have lots of transforms
3) Reverted "cosine" back to the original behaviour to ensure compatibility with electric sheep and flam3 (I modified it some version ago and I always forgot to change it back)
4) Optimized supershape, now it renders about 10-15% faster (compared to apo 2.06b)
5) Removed the SetVariable feature added on 2.05beta2z+, since everyone now uses the new beta2 syntax for setting variables.
6) New blank flame creates a two-triangle blank flame, instead of a one-triangle flame as in 2.06b (to avoid confusion for the unexperienced users with the old tutorials)

Updated 30/12/2006:
Apophysis 2.05 beta2 z+ is out! It merges the new features of apo 2.05 beta2 (like the post xforms) with the Z+ variations. Besides, we have two new variations:
1) Disc2 (that is similar to disc, but with two variables)
2) Rectangles (created by Michael Faber)
Note that this version keeps the SetVariable script function (for the sake of backwards compatibility), although you can (and should) use the new beta2 syntax for setting variables (for example Transform.julian_power := x instead of SetVariable(julian_power,x)). Please let me know if there are bugs or things that don't work as they should :)

Updated 20/11/2006:
New sub-release, this time only with two little fix for the script engine:
1) Now within scripts you can set negative symmetry values and weight values above 1
2) Now you can use V_VAR_NAME to get the number of a specific variation to use within scripts, for example: Transform.Variation[V_NGON] := 1 (which is the same as Transform.Variation[47] := 1, since NGon is the variation number 47)
3) Added a new variable for the split variation, split_ysize, and renamed split_size to split_xsize.

Updated 28/10/2006:
A new apophysis z+ is out! This time I used as "base" version the new apo 2.05beta, so I had the chance to tidy up a bit my things to integrate them into the new code. This time I added only 3 variations: twintrian, cross and amw. They are nothing special, but you can get some cool things with them, as you can see in this page of Examples. I've made other modifications however:
1) changed square, so that now it "grows" from its center.
2) Removed horizontal (by me) and julian2 (duplicate version of julian, by joelfaber) variations, because I realized that they were quite unnecessary.
3) Added the new scripting function SetVariable([var], [val]), it can be used inside a script to set a variable for the current transform. For example: SetVariable(julian_power, 5).
3) Added joelfaber's NGon variation (with some speed optimization: I managed to make it render faster by ~15%)

Old version (2.04z+): binaries [.zip]| sources Updated 26/06/2006:
A new version has been released. I've added five new variations: square, rays, blade, secant and split. Here you can find some example flames made mainly with these variations.

Older updates: Changes:
- Added two new buttons to the toolbar: randomize flame and randomize gradient. The first one allows you to randomize the flame but keeping the gradient, the second one allows you to randomize the gradient but keeping the flame (quite obvious, isn't it?).
- Added three new variations: arch, horizontal and tangent. - Modified the cosine variation. I didn't like the way it worked before (I've never been able to use it properly), now it's more similar to sinusoidal variation.

There are the things added by Joel Faber:
1) A new variation called "Move". This variation is not very useful on it's own but is very usefull when making tiled flames. It allows you to move the origin of any given transformation. Make sure you use the variables "move_x" and "move_y" on the "Variables" tab in the editor. You can see an example tiled flame with a juilan final transform here: [link]
2) I added a new variable to the blob variation called "blob_angle". It rotates the blob by blob_angle degrees.
3) I created a duplicate of the JuliaN variation so you can have two independant JuliaN variations in a single transform. Look for Julian2 in the Editor.